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How can I get more customers?

Your web site is your customer service. You pay for a web site,but you get a customer service program!

Your design needs to serve your customers. We find out about your customers and then build a site around them -- who they are, how old they are, what devices they use, what they like and don't like. A good web site revolves and evolves with their tastes and values.

Do I need a mobile site?

You need a mobile-responsive site. This means: a site that is easy to use and pretty to look at whether your customer views it on a desktop, a laptop, a mobile phone, an ipad, an Android or any one of a dozen popular brands of digital device. Whether you are a real estate agent or a doctor, your customers will most likely use their cell phone to find you and find out about you. By building a mobile-responsive site, we make sure that when they do find you, your business looks great.

Can I update the web site myself?

Yes -- when we build you a Wordpress Web Site. WordPress is web software we use to create an easy to use, easy to update web site for your company or organization.
Wordpress lets you "publish" articles and news as easily as you send an email. In addition, thousands of free plugins let you track visitors, monitor and analyze your stats, send newsletters, schedule events, sell products, and use social media like Twitter and Facebook to increase your web presence.
Call 727-204-7134 to get started on your Wordpress Web Site .

Why should I spend money fixing my site? It works fine.

Most Americans place a priority on newness. They have been trained by advertisements to expect the "new" to be better and more real, more true, more valid than something old. Web sites become dated very very quickly. Without advertisements, specials, sales, new products AND a way to communicate these things, your web site is useless. We can help you re-connect with your customers, old and new. Call us: 727-204-7134

I want to show up #1 on Google Maps for my industry. Can you help?

We use Google Adwords to jump-start your local web presence. Then we make your web site SEO Friendly so you can develop traffic gradually, as more and more visitors discover your site. Then we advertise events on Facebook within a tight geographic area to attract local attention to your lovable web site.

Will you marry me?

No, but we will make you very user-friendly! Your web site is designed to be lovable, so it complies with the latest Web standards, is CSS-based, easy to navigate and Google-friendly. To boost your lovability we set you up on facebook, twitter, pinterest and other social media accounts which you will use to make your web site fresh, newsworthy and up to date.
Your new site will result in higher search engines rankings, and much more satisfied customers. Maybe even a proposal or two!

One Page Responsive HTML5 Web Site


  • Marketing Analysis
  • Custom Logo
  • Targeted Menu
  • SEO-Friendly Graphics
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Marketing Consultation
  • 3 Stock Photos

Re-Written Re-Designed
Web Site


  • Marketing Consultation
  • Re-writing & Editing Services
  • Custom Logo
  • Targeted Menu
  • SEO-Friendly Recoding
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • 5 Stock Photos

Web Site


  • Marketing Consultation
  • Themeforest Theme
  • Custom Logo
  • Targeted Menu
  • 10 Plug Ins (Installed, Configured, Explained)
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Private Wordpress Tutorial
  • Social Media Setup
  • 1 year Free GLOWHOST hosting