What do you want a new visitor to do on your web site?

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Call you? Sign up for a mailing list? Fill out a form? Or buy something?

Wouldn't it be nice if your web site let your visitors do exactly what you wanted them to do?

Let's say you want your web site visitors to call you. Macgirl will design a lovable web site which highlights your telephone number and makes it easy for your next customer to call you.

Let's say you want your visitor to join your mailing list. Macgirl will create a lovable web site with an irresistable pop up which rewards every visitor who signs up for your mailing list.

Or, perhaps, you want your visitors to buy something. Macgirl will create a web site with lovable, visitor-specific, landing pages for every product or every service you offer.

That's what your web site is supposed to do: make you relevant to your customers; make your customers relevant to you,

Even an old fashioned doctor's office needs a new web site.

A secure, interactive, patient-friendly website, lets you advertise your medical services online to both new and old patients.

Patients looking for a local medical procedure often use their cell phones to do a search, make an appointment, or check a location. Some medical practices are slow to recognize this new patient demographic -- or the need to target patients by targeting their (mobile) devices.

Our mobile medical sites are constructed specifically for young patients using cell phones, and we set up Google Adwords campaigns to advertise exclusively to mobile users.

Our mobile sites provide a plethora of information about the physician, telling patients what to expect on the day of their appointment, how to prepare for the procedure, how to care for themselves after their procedure....

Patients can schedule appointments, take a look at prices, download medical literature, and fill out forms -- all on their cell phones. Upgrading and update your on line presence by making your business web-responsive and mobile friendly!

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Get a Web Site designed for LOCAL MOBILE USERS!

What if you're a gardener or a building contractor and you don't have time to build a web site?

Call us! Tell us how people usually find you.

Consider the Florida Tree Doctor who told us that a lot of his new customers tell him they see his big new colorful truck on the street -- all the time. But when they looked for him on line he wasn't there!.

He did not have a lot of photos or written testimonials, so we took the photos for him. We also sent him a super simple customer testimonial form he could distribute it to his customers -- and then we started publicizing and publishing his happy testimonials on his new colorful web site - with a picture of the truck right on the home page! Have a look.

Clearwater Web Site Design & SEO

"Our customers love it -- especially on their iphones!"
tree doctor web site
"Designed for mobile customers and their mobile devices."
"Friendly, inviting and intelligently organized - with the kind of credibility that our female patients look for!"

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